Error rendering macro 'numberedheadings' : An error has occurred in global template

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I am creating a Global template with text field variables in Confluence 4.3.2. These text field are in a numbered headings (v2.2.0) macro block. When I want to create a page using this global template I get the error:

Error rendering macro 'numberedheadings' : An error has occurred

I am looking forward to a solution for this. It is also happening in Confluence 5.0.2 (with Numbered Headings version 2.3.0.

Regards, ESPXL

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  1. Tomas Theunissen

    Could you post the parameters you used? Since this is an unexpected error, there should be an error message in the Confluence log files. If you have access to the logs, could you check it and post it here if you find something.

  2. Beheerder EsperantoXL reporter

    Hi Tomas,

    Thanks. The update solved the problem.

    Met vriendelijke groet,

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