No live numbering in OnDemand

Issue #40 wontfix
Bruce Cannon created an issue

There is no live numbering of contents in Edit mode, as shown in the tutorial video on the OnDemand plugin page.

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  1. Tomas Theunissen

    Hi Bruce,

    Also thanks for creating this issue :). Currently the OnDemand version of Numbered Headings only implements a subset of the features in the OnPremise version (due to the fact that Atlassian does not yet support all the add-on points in OnDemand). This is one of the features that isn't in the OnDemand version. It is shown in the video, because I took that video from our OnPremise version because I didn't have time to create a new video yet.

  2. Bruce Cannon reporter

    Thank you Tomas for the info. I waited years to get this essential add-on in OnDemand only to find they STILL don't support it. What gives? (rhetorical question :) )

    I don't know why they didn't buy your great work and incorporate it into the core system, it's that important and useful.

    But only really useful with live preview. Losing my place in a long document when I switch to edit mode is the single worst usability issue in Confluence right now.

  3. Tomas Theunissen

    Yeah, we share your opinion that this should be core functionality, but who knows, maybe someday ;)

    That's the same reason why we implemented that feature, especially when referring to other chapters it's handy to have the live numbering. I will talk to Atlassian and see if I can push the add-on extension points that we need to support this feature.

  4. Bruce Cannon reporter

    Thank you again Tomas.

    If your team is looking for another extension opportunity, what I need next, after Numbered Headings, is a Document Map, exactly as implemented in MS Word.

    Currently Confluence's Documentation template shows the space contents. But what would be really useful is an always-visible or selectively-visible sidebar TOC. That stays visible while editing the document.

    Thanks again for the great add-on and the useful info.

  5. Barry Kaplan

    Wow, after two years and Atlassian still does not support this for cloud. I've been using confluence (and jira) back from the days when they gave the source code. Very different company now.

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