parameter: "stop numbering at"

Issue #5 resolved
Tomas Theunissen created an issue

Issue moved from JIRA Studio (NUMHEAD-66)

Original reporter: Nicola Stoeckler

Original description: Hi it would be great to have an poosibility to stop the numbering at a certain depth of header-level. For example

1 heading1 (h1)

1.1 heading2 (h2)

1.1.1 heading3 (h3)

heading4 (h4) — stop numbering at level 4

heading5 (h5) Maby you could establish an additional parameter/attribute for this funktionality.

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  1. Tomas Theunissen reporter

    Current workaround using the custom number format:

    Number format: custom
    h1 format: [h1.decimal].
    h2 format: [h1.decimal].[h2.decimal].
    h3 format: [h1.decimal].[h2.decimal].[h3.decimal].

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