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Tomas Theunissen created an issue

Issue moved from JIRA Studio (NUMHEAD-10)

Original reporter: Jean-Pierre Bergamin

Original description: This is a very good start in numbering headings. Thanks.

Currently this plugin only numbers headings inside a single page. Is it possible to number all headings of all pages in a PDF export serially? Otherwise it doesn't make much sense, when the numbering starts with 1.1. on every page again.

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  1. Patryk KotrasiƄski

    Hello. How does this feature work? I am planning on moving whole project documentation, which is expremely long, to Confluence. Automatic heading numbering takes a crucial part in that. Now when I put macro on each of my wiki pages it starts numbering from 1 each time. It takes as much time to change that as to number the headings manually. Is it possible to continue heading numbering on other wiki pages?

  2. Tomas Theunissen reporter

    Hi Patryk,

    Confluence macro's are only able to work on one page. So if you want numbering over multiple pages you will need to create one page which includes the other pages and surround these includes with the Numbered Headings macro.

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