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Joe Morris created an issue

We're in the process of upgrading our Confluence from 3.5.13 to 5.6.4. Many pages that are using the Numbered Headings is not working. The current add-on is at version 2.6.0. How do we get this macro working again under our new version of Confluence?

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  1. Tomas Theunissen

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for reporting this issue. You say that many pages are not working. Am I right to conclude that some pages do work with the Numbered Headings macro? Or do no pages at all work?

    Could you add the raw storage format (of a page with this problem) to this issue? You can get it when you view the page and then under 'Tools' > 'View Storage Format'.

  2. Joe Morris reporter
    <ac:structured-macro ac:name="unmigrated-inline-wiki-markup"><ac:plain-text-body><![CDATA[{numberedheadings}
    h1. Overview
    This pages contains tips and tricks related to Jira.
    This wiki has two major sections: Standard Jira Exentions and Standard Jira Filters
    The Standard Extensions section covers commonly used Jira extensions used by the BI team. &nbsp;Extensions are used to make working in the Jira system more efficient.&nbsp;
    The Standard filters sections covers commonly used Jira Dashboard filters. &nbsp;Filters are used to create views of Jira tickets. &nbsp;In general, the views constrain the tickets to the ones of interest to you and or the BI Team.
    h1. Tips and Tricks
    h2. Hotkeys
    See&nbsp;[Using Keyboard Shortcuts|].
    h2. Standard Jira Extensions
    The current list of JIra extensions is in the&nbsp;*[EDW - Windows Development Machines - Configuration|edw:EDW - Windows Development Machines - Configuration]*\*&nbsp;*wiki.&nbsp;
    The *must-have* extension is Goto Bug (for Jira):&nbsp;
    h3. Goto Bug (for Jira)&nbsp;
    Goto Bug (for Jira) is a free Chrome Extension that makes looking up Jira Tickets really easy and super fast. &nbsp;
    h4. To use Goto Bug
    # Clikc on the Goto Bug Icon (usually to the right of the address bar - assuming you've installed it.&nbsp;
    # Enter the ticket number (you can leave off the REP-)
    # Click Open or hit your enter key. &nbsp;
    Link:&nbsp;*[*Goto Bug (for Jira)*|http://]*
    h2. *Standard Jira Filters&nbsp;*
    \*TODO:&nbsp;*If there is a wiki for adding the standard filters find it and add it here.&nbsp;
    *TODO: Add documentation on how to create a filter (add to screenshot)&nbsp;*
    h3. Standard Jira Filters Overview&nbsp;
    Jira filters are available via the Jira Dashboard. If you haven't already, add a shortcut to your Jira dashboard:&nbsp;*[https://jira.bigfish.lan/secure/Dashboard.jspa]**.&nbsp;*
    You can add and remove filters to/from your dashboard using the Manage Dashboards feature.&nbsp;
    This following screenshot shows the standard BI team filters. &nbsp;If the filter doesn't start with "BI \-", check below in the user-submitted filters section (ask a teammate if you can't find a filter).&nbsp;
    To Add the BI team filters
    # Click the Manage Filters button at the bottom of the Favorite Filters section of the dashboard (see screenshot above).&nbsp;
    # Click on Favorites link (top, left-hand nav bar).&nbsp;
    # Select the BI filters by clicking on the stars next to the filters whose names start with "BI \-".&nbsp;
    h3. User-Submitted Filters
    You can create your own Jira filters using the "Create Filters" shortcut (shown at the bottom of the Favorite Filters screenshot, above). &nbsp; &nbsp;
    The easiest way to create a new filter is to modify an existing one and then save it as a new filters.
    &nbsp; !JiraCreateAFilter.png|border=1!
    # In screenshot above, I clicked on the "Tickets I'm Watching" filter on my system dashboard&nbsp;
    # Click the "Edit" button on the left-hand nav bar to open the edit view. &nbsp;
    # Now I can modify the query in whatever way I want. &nbsp;
    # Once perfected, copy the query string you modified/create.&nbsp;
    # Click the "New" tab in the left-hand nav bar.&nbsp;
    # Paste your query into the query box and hit search.&nbsp;
    # After your query returns, the Edit box in the left-hand nav will be updated and a "Save" option will appear.&nbsp;
    # Save you new filter.&nbsp;
    h4. Other Interesting Fiters
    # Find all tickets I've been involved in.
    ## assignee = currentUser() or watcher=currentUser() or &nbsp;assignee was currentUser() or reporter was currentUser() ORDER BY updated
    h3. Chrome
    I really missed my “jump to jira” functionality (in the address bar, I would type “jira 1234” and it would open up REP-1234 in the browser. You can do more or less the same thing by creating a bookmark in Chrome (or any other browser) with the following script:
    javascript:var jiraTicket=prompt("JIRA Ticket", "42");window.location.href="https://jira.bigfish.lan/browse/REP-"+jiraTicket;
    It will prompt you for a Jira ticket, then open it up.
    h1. References
    * [BI Scrum - How to Use Jira|Scrum - How to Use Jira - OLD]
    * [Goto Bug (for Jira)|http://]
  3. Tomas Theunissen

    There have been more people with similar migration issues. One possible fix is to install a specific version of the add-on before migration (which contains the old and new macro's, both are needed for migration to be successful). Did you already migratie your production instance?

  4. Joe Morris reporter

    This is a test instance of our production system. We could take a look at upgrading the plugin before migration. What version would we need? Is there something we can do in the meantime?

  5. Tomas Theunissen

    I just released a new version (2.6.1) with the code needed to support the old and new macro types (which is needed for the migration). You should install this version before doing the upgrade to Confluence version 4 or higher. When upgrading Confluence should correctly migrate all Numbered Headings macro occurrences.

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