Possibility to disable the Numbered Headings plugin when exporting to PDF

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Tomas Theunissen created an issue

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Original reporter: Georgi Mitov

Original description: Hi,

Great job with this plugin - this is one of the core plugins for our Confluence instance. Thanks!

One request/idea:

For larger documents we usually spread the content across multiple, hierarchically organized pages. Then, when needed - we export these to Word or PDF.

Here we have 2 cases:

Ease of use/read when viewing a page online - in this case the use of Numbered Headings is essential. Ease of use/read when exporting a set/hierarchy of pages - in this case the numbered headings should cascade across the whole hierarchy, and the TOC should be properly formatted - covering the whole document (including pages and its headings), with reference to page numbers (for pages and headings). While the Numbered Headings solves (1) perfectly, currently for case (2) we have to look for other options.

It seems that the plugin provided by http://www.k15t.com/display/en/Scroll-Wiki-Enhanced-PDF-Exporter-for-Confluence-OverviewK15t Scroll PDF Exporter is quite good for solving the export case (case 2). In this case however we need a possibility to disable the Numbered Headings when a page is being exported, in order to avoid double / inconsistent numbering of the headings.

The question is - is there a possibility to configure the Numbered Headings plugin so that the numbered headings are not displayed when exporting a wiki page?

Now I see that this request is also related to NUMHEAD-10 (Support for page hierarchies). If this is solved, then this would solve the above issues as well!

Thanks, Georgi

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