downloaded plugin but not working- No macro found on content id : ContentId{id=4194682} with version: 4 and macroId: 05967b04e2774569b858b6807d38619c

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Nilima Kapoor created an issue

We downloaded the Numbered headings plugin but get an error of No macro found on content id : ContentId{id=4194682} with version: 4 and macroId: 05967b04e2774569b858b6807d38619c . We don't see headings being added anywhere.

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  1. Tomas Theunissen

    Hi Nilima,

    Sorry to hear that it doesn't work for you. Are you able to share the content inside the Numbered Headings macro? This will help us getting to the cause of the error.

  2. Nilima Kapoor reporter

    No matter where I include the macro I get the following in the dialog box itself:

    [image: Inline image 1]

  3. Tomas Theunissen

    Something went wrong with your image upload, I can't see it. But I assume you mean the 'Macro browser' with the dialog box. There are some known issues with the Macro browser. Do you get the same error when saving the page with the macro in it?

  4. Nilima Kapoor reporter

    Ok, when I save the page, it shows me the numbered heading. When I preview it , all content goes away, and shows me the error. Is there a way to number the page title?. For example, the Page title is the heading 1 and then on that page I need headind 1.1, 1.2 etc

  5. Tomas Theunissen

    Are you previewing the page before saving it or after saving then editing and then previewing. The latter should work, the first not.

    Unfortunately the macro cannot number page titles. You could add the number to the page title yourself (but this might not be desirable) and start with 'h2' headings in the content. The macro will then automatically start numbering the 'h2' with '1.1'

  6. Nilima Kapoor reporter

    Hello Tomas, Thank you for your immediate responses. So, if I have the following page titles:

    Introduction Login Information Overview Add abc to app Add xyz to app

    Each page has subheadings using NH macro. So page Add abc to app has 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 etc DO I have to use css to add heading to titles for the pdf export?


  7. Tomas Theunissen

    Adding CSS would be possible, but I think that would be annoying to maintain since you would probably have to change the PDF export CSS every time you want to export another page (when it has to start with another number). You might be better of by hiding the page titles on the export PDF with CSS and add the title as a heading in the page itself (so just normal content).

    Or change the page title to include the number. So 'Add abc to app' would have to be renamed to '4. Add abc to app'.

  8. Nilima Kapoor reporter

    Ok cool! Thank you so much, will try that out :) You have been so prompt with your replies. I really appreciate it!

  9. Tomas Theunissen

    Your welcome! If there is anything else, just let us know. I will close this issue for now, you can re-open or comment on it if needed.

  10. Nilima Kapoor reporter

    Hello Tomas,

    I manually added numbers to the page titles but now I have a problem with the TOC.

    [image: Inline image 1]

    Can you help with this please? Nilima

  11. Tomas Theunissen

    For some reason the images in your comments don't show up for me. Could you attach the image directly to this issue ('More' button in top right corner and then 'Attach files')?

  12. Nilima Kapoor reporter

    Since the pdf export generates a toc , I get double numbering. I know I can hide the pdf toc. But how can I auto generate the toc.

  13. Tomas Theunissen

    We hide the TOC in our PDF's with the following CSS:

    div.toc {
        display: none;

    To get back a TOC, you can use the 'Table of Contents' macro to the first page. Although if im right this will mean you lose the page numbering in the TOC.

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