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Richard Edwards created an issue

I have a master page, which includes subpages. Some of those subpages themselves have child pages.

I'm trying to get the numbering to work on the master page and be consistent, so that I get:

1 uuu 2 www 2.1 xxx 2.2 yyy 2.2.1 zzz


The master page has the Numbered Headings macro, and inside that macro has text uuuu and wwww that is style <Heading 1> that is numbered 1 and 2, correctly so.

Another page (a child of the master page) has the Numbered Headings macro, and is included on the master page. This page uses style <Heading 2>, and it has text xxxx and yyyy that is numbered 2.1 and 2.2 (again, correctly so ... though I have to start the numbering at 2 ... I assume there is no way to create my pages such that it is smart enough to automatically figure that out and resume from the number that makes the most sense on the master page).

There is a child page that is included on this child of the master page (thus it is a 'grand-child' to the master page) ... and it too has the numbered headings macro. It uses style <heading 3> and has text zzzz. It should be numbered 2.2.1, but I cannot get it to be so.

I have tried a comma separated list (i.e. 2,2) for the start-numbering-with parameter, but that doesn't work. The heading is always 2.1.1. I've tried several other things as well ... with no success.

I'm using the Confluence Cloud version of the add-in (currently free trial).

Since others seem happy with this macro ... is it just me? Should this work?

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  1. Tomas Theunissen

    Thanks! I played a bit with the page you created and it should work, but there is a bug in the code that parses the 'start-numbering-at' variable. It should be a relatively easy fix, I will implement a fix tomorrow, release it and let you know.

    Besides that, your setup should also work when omitting the macro's in the child pages. This should continue numbering the child pages in the master page, which means you would not have to keep the 'start-numbering-at' parameter in sync on the child pages when adding a heading to the master page. I don't know why this is currently broken, so it will need some more investigation.

  2. Richard Edwards reporter

    I see that there is an update to the add-on, but revision history details are sketchy. Is one (or both) of the issues now fixed?

    If so, I'm not seeing any change from my perspective; is there something I have to do get the upgrade to the latest version?

  3. Tomas Theunissen

    Sorry for the inconvenience, the just released version was made for issue #78.

    I am currently working on fixing this issue. I will let you know when a version with this fix is released.

  4. Tomas Theunissen

    The 'Start Numbering With' parameter should now correctly parse multiple values separated by a comma. These values are the starting numbers for the different heading levels.

    This should work automatically on every instance (no update required).

    Please note, that the issue regarding numbering included pages without using the NH macro in the included pages has not yet been fixed. I will create a separate issue for that.

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