Numbering does not work automatically for included pages

Issue #79 on hold
Tomas Theunissen created an issue

This issue was found when investigating issue #77.

When having included pages inside the NH macro, the headings of these included pages do not get numbered automatically. The user has to add the NH macro to the included pages and set the 'Start Numbering With' to the correct value. This is annoying when no numbering is required when viewing the child pages on their own, but only when included in another page (inside the NH macro).

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  1. Richard Edwards

    Will this issue be fixed in the near term future? I'm creating a large document and don't want to have to re-visit each and every page to remove the redundant and unnecessary NH macro on the child pages if it is something that might be fixed before I'm finished my document.

  2. Tomas Theunissen reporter

    We have found a possible solution for this issue. But there is currently a bug in Confluence that is preventing us from implementing the solution. We have contacted Atlassian about this and will continue with this issue when we get a response from them.

  3. Gert-Jan van de Streek

    @redwards035 I just came back from Atlas Camp and spoke with one of the Atlassian developers about this issue, it's not something they are aware of currently. I will work with @tomtheun on monday to document what is going wrong and prepare to file an issue with Atlassian.

  4. Gert-Jan van de Streek

    @redwards035 An update on this issue: I have filed an issue with Atlassian, no response so far.

  5. Tomas Theunissen reporter

    Sorry for the delayed response. We have implemented a fix for this issue and will roll it out later today.

    This change resulted in another issue (, but we have created a temporary work around for this on our side. Though you might notice that page viewing will take a tick longer to finish.

  6. Richard Edwards

    I'm not actually seeing any difference. Even tried making changes to the example structure that we had setup for Issue #77 (by removing the Numbered Headings macro from the page deepest in the hierarchy). It doesn't seem to get numbered headings when included by a parent page. I looked at the setup you have for issue #79 ( and it too seems to be just the same as before too.

  7. Tomas Theunissen reporter

    You are correct Richard. I just checked it and noticed we introduced a bug in a last minute change before we deployed it. I will do a new deployment in a couple of hours which should fix it.

  8. Richard Edwards

    Seems to be ok on the dummy structure I had setup for issue #77. I have to remove the numbered headings macro from child pages (otherwise I get double numbers, they don’t simply get ignored … but I guess that’s ok).

    But on my own local pages, I get: when I edit a page and then save it. Is this a new issue? We were only running the Numbered Headings macro as a free trial while waiting for these bugs to get fixed, perhaps the trial has expired?

    -- Richard Edwards [ This content is protected by active confidentiality agreements ]

  9. Tomas Theunissen reporter

    I checked the logs and didn't see anything weird or anything indicating a SocketTimeoutException. Was it a big page you were editing? or did it contain any other macro's?

  10. Richard Edwards

    Still happening for me, but it is only on very large pages. Tried a small page, and it works ok. What should I do about the large page?

    Aside .. since the Numbered Headings macro has to be deleted on child pages (isn't automatically ignored), I have one page which consists of a bunch of tables. Hard for me to simply copy the contents of the text that includes those table inside the Numbered Headings block, and copy them outside. Don't want to have to re-write those tables ... is there a way to ''select-all' from within the macros in order to copy it outside, or perhaps simply delete the macro without having to copy the text in the first place. I'm not a Conflience power user by any stretch.

  11. Tomas Theunissen reporter

    I'll do some testing with very large pages. I got two questions though. Did the page get saved in the end? And after how long did you get the timeout (after pressing save)?

    Regarding the page with the tables. It should work when you click at the start of the content in the macro and then shift+click to the end of the content inside the macro. Another way is to edit the source of the page manually, but this requires some knowledge of HTML. So I won't recommend that approach.

  12. Richard Edwards

    The page does seem to save, in that if I go back and edit it, my changes are there even if no one else can see them.

    I've got it to now work, after I've cleaned up all my pages to remove the redundant Numbered Headings macros. But then I for fun left one child page with a redundant Numbered Headings macro. If I have that page included on my master page only once, no issues. Twice, no issues. Three times ... usually ok, sometimes get the error. 4 times, get the error all the time. When I get the error, it takes roughly 8 seconds from pressing save to getting the page with the error on it. When it works with no issues, it is around 6 seconds or less.

    Tried to reproduce this with test issue #77, cannot (guessing the page isn't complex enough).

  13. Tomas Theunissen reporter

    I will have to check why the delay is so big. It's either Confluence returning the included pages or the numbering part (which would be weird since we should experience the same issues before when having big pages). It looks like Confluence kills the numbering request when it takes longer than 5 seconds (I only see request aborts in our log when it takes longer than 5 seconds).

  14. Richard Edwards

    Confirmed now that you don't need the redundant Numbered Headings macro to reproduce this issue (it helped, but only in that it slows things down more when you save I think). The structure I created for Issue #77 now reproduces the same problem, just by copying the same {include page} block in a huge number of times.

  15. Mitchel Kuijpers

    This fix is reverted because this breaks the rendering of most macro's within the Numbered Headings macro.We contacted Atlassian about this an we try to get this implemented in the future again. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

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