Note and Info Macros no longer work within a numbered headings macro

Issue #80 resolved
Harry Williams created an issue

Hi, until a few days ago myself and my colleagues were able to put note and info macros inside a numbered heading macro with no issue. Now they do not work properly. We can add them in the editor but they do not render correctly on the page overall. We use confluence cloud. This coincides with your update to numbered headings a few days ago. We have not changed any confluence configuration and believe it to be something on your end. Please look in to this.

Regards, Harry

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  1. Gert-Jan van de Streek

    The update from a few days ago indeed involves some changes around the handling of nested macro's, in particular the page include macro. Other macro's should not be affected.

    We will try and reproduce the issue on our side and get back with you as soon as we can.

  2. Gert-Jan van de Streek

    I can indeed reproduce this issue on our end. See Can you confirm this is what you are seeing as well?

    The info macro is rendered incomplete by Confluence when we request it from within the nubmered headings macro. It seems we cannot fix this, without breaking page includes again. The real fix is outside of our control and lies within Confluence. We are considering to (possible partly) revert the changes in the last update. Can you give us an hour to think this through?

  3. Pavel Adamovich

    Hi! I think we have the same issue with Code block Macro: There is a Code Block inside a numbered heading macro but for unknown reason it is not displayed. Any ideas?

  4. Harry Williams reporter

    Hi @gerstree, any update on this? I am still having the same problems. We have been making do without nested macros but were hoping for a fix well and truly by now.

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