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Marc Schäpers created an issue

Hello everybody,

Like the summaray says, the plugin doesnt work in our confluence instance. Confluence : 5.7.1 Numbered Headings : 2.6.1 , 21/21 modules enabled

Now when I edit a page and insert the macro, I just take the default configs :

Numberformat : Decimal The value to start numbering : ( nothing filled) Start Numbering at : h1 Skip Headings : (nothing filled)

Then I type " h1." enter, and nothing happens in the macro. I just see "h1." in the macro box and no heading. What am i doing wrong? Just orientated on the demonstation-video at atlassian marketplace

Hope you can help me

Kind regards

Marc Schäpers

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  1. Tomas Theunissen

    Hi Marc,

    Based on the Confluence and Numbered Headings versions, I assume you are using the 'behind the firewall' version.

    Numbered Headings only starts numbering when it actually finds headings in the content. When there is literally 'h1.' in the content, then it means that Confluence has not yet converted it to a 'real' heading. Could you try to do the same again but then type something after the 'h1.'? Like 'h1. First Heading' and let me know if it works.

  2. Marc Schäpers reporter

    Hey Tomas thank you for the fast support. You were right, it reacts when I start typing something after that.

    Many Thanks and greets

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