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What are the most useful changes over the standard emacs config:

Ctrl+                = duplicate line
Ctrl+Shift+Insert    = insert line
Ctrl+Shirt+Backspace = delete current line
Ctrl+Shift+z         = toggle comment on region (same with -#)
Alt+]                = match paren
C+ScrollLock         = ScrollLock mode
Alt+Del              = delete current buffer (close file, same as Cx-k)
Ctrl+ScrollLock      = enable scroll lock mode
Ctrl+L               = center position
C-z d                = delete whitespace

Alt+W, Ctrl+Ins      = Copy region
 Alt+Y after insert  = kill ring previos/cycle
Ctrl+Y, Shift+Ins    = Paste Region
Ctrl+Enter           = visual rectangular region

Multiple/named regions
Cx r s <char>        = copy to named region
Cx r i <char>        = insert from named region

Function keys
f1 - man
f2 - save (same as ctrl+shift+s, same as C-x C-s)
f3 - open (file find). Try combinations with shift, meta, alt. Similar Cx-Cf
f6 - next emacs window (shift-f6 -previous)
f7 - query replace (ctrl+f7 = find in files (rgrep))
f8 - next error (used in various modes as next point) +shift = back
     Ctrl+F8 jump to saved bookmark (useful per project or file)
f9 - ibuffer (improved files list)
f10 - menu (ctrl+f10 - disable menu bar)
f11 - toggle line numbers (alt+f11 = hl-line-mode toggle)
      control+f11 = switch to SQL buffer
f12 - toggle display of long lines

Quick switching

Win+TAB              = ido-switch-buffer
Win+Space            = helm (buffers, recentf)
Control+F8           = jump to bookmark (defined with C-x rm)

C-z r u              = set frame font to Ubuntu
C-z r d              = set frame font to DejaVu
C-z r a              = set frame font to Anonymous

C-z f u              = set emacs font to Ubuntu
C-z f d              = set emacs font to DejaVu
C-z f a              = set emacs font to Anonymous

f7 - find in current file
Ctrl+F7 - rgrep (find in files)
Ctrl+Shift+f - find file/dir by name

Window switching
When there are several windows or frames:

 Win+Shift+<Arrow Keys> = switch between windows
 F6, Shift+F6           = between *emacs* frames

More generic notes

Those keybindings are partly standard but very useful:

Alt= on selected region will display the region length
Cx-u, Cx-l - upper/lower region
Alt<cursor> - move right/left/top/bottom. Control similar but not same
Cx-k kill buffer
C-x C-f open file
C-x C-s save file
C-x d   dired
C-x C-c quit
C-v page down
Alt-v page up
C-z t t change skin
Alt+space = yasnippet + hippie expand