What is this

It is attempt to rebuild my blog on some new technology. My Blog is a playground of different technologies I’ve used over years: it was originally built on Django, then on Mesonine, then on wheezy.web and now on Nikola.

  • Nikola is python based static site generator. Why static site generator Nikola:

    • its on my favourite Python language
  • I’ve been surprised on how Jekyll static site generator konquerred the world. But being mainstream always comes with some disadvantages, so I am was looking around for similar solutions to grow up.

  • There is another good solution on GoLang here: ox-hugo for HUGO

Project info

I’ve build this docker-compose template after reading this post:


make all

Write post

Use this command to start new article:

make post

Nikola is being run in ’auto’ mode, which means that article appears as soon as its saved.

Run nikola commands

You can use make nikola to run commands and arg="xxx" to send command line arguments.

make nikola arg="--help"