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Do imports correctly, so apps not on pythonpath directly work.

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     return app.__name__.split('.')[-2]
+def get_app_fullname(app):
+    """
+    Returns the full python name of an app - e.g. django.contrib.auth
+    """
+    return app.__name__[:-7]
 def short_from_long(app):
     return app.split(".")[-1]
     if isinstance(app, (str, unicode)):
         # If it's a string, use the models module
         app = models.get_app(app)
-    app_name = '.'.join( app.__name__.split('.')[0:-1] )
-    mod = __import__(app_name, {}, {}, ['migrations'])
+    mod = __import__(get_app_fullname(app), {}, {}, ['migrations'])
     if hasattr(mod, 'migrations'):
         return getattr(mod, 'migrations')
     Returns the migration class implied by 'name'.
     if not isinstance(app, (str, unicode)):
-        app = get_app_name(app)
+        app = get_app_fullname(app)
     module = __import__(app + ".migrations." + name, '', '', ['Migration'])
     return module.Migration
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