Deploy to AWS Lambda

An example script and configuration for deploying a new version to an existing AWS Lambda function with Bitbucket Pipelines. A small Python function is included to use a demo for trying out the included code and configuration.

How To Use It

  • Optional: Create an AWS Lambda function if you do not already have an existing function you want to update
  • Add the required Environment Variables below
  • Copy to your project
  • Copy bitbucket-pipelines.yml to your project
    • Or use your own, just be sure to include all steps in the sample yml file
  • Copy to your project if you would like to try this using a sample function

Required Permissions in AWS

It is recommended you create a separate user account used for this deploy process. This user should be associated with a group that has the AWSLambdaFullAccess AWS managed policy attached for the required permissions to execute a new deployment to AWS Lambda.

Note that the above permissions are more than what is required in a real scenario. For any real use, you should limit the access to just the AWS resources in your context.

Required Environment Variables

  • AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY: Secret key for a user with the required permissions.
  • AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID: Access key for a user with the required permissions.
  • AWS_DEFAULT_REGION: Region where the target AWS Lambda function is.
  • AWS_LAMBDA_FUNCTION_NAME: Name of the target AWS Lambda function.


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