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Láadan Library

Artist's Wife with a Book

A place to read, post, and maintain stories written in Láadan


How to contribute

Register an account

To be able to upload your own work, you will need a GitHub account. You can register one for free - since the repository is public, it is free to host our work here.

Creating a "fork"

You will have your own repositories in your own account, but you can make copies of other repositories. Once you're done making changes in your version of the repository, then you can request that we merge your changes into the original one.

In the upper-right of the main Laadan-Library repository page, you will click on the Fork button. It will go to a loading screen, and then redirect you to your copy. You can tell you're at your copy, because it will say your username up top, with a link to the original right below it.

Fork button

Adding files

There are two ways you can add files to the repository - you can either upload files off your computer, or you can use the web-based text-editor to write something directly into your repository.

Add and upload buttons

Requesting to merge back with the original

When you've made changes and you are ready to request an addition to the original repository, click on Pull requests. From this page, click New pull request

It will give you an overview of what changes you've made. Click the green Create pull request button to submit your request.


If you need help or have questions, please email .