SDSU Sage tutorial


"SDSU Sage Tutorial":  A web tutorial that seeks to introduce
undergraduates to the Sage computer algebra system

Authors: Michael O'Sullivan, Ryan Rosenblum, and David M. Monarres 

The content of the tutorial is distributed under the Creative Commons Share-Alike with Attribution
License version 3.0. For details see 

We also include a full text copy of this license in the COPYING file
in this source directory. 
Building and Installation:

In order to build the website from it's sphinx source you will need to
install the sphinx documentation system (, we
are using version 1.0.6, which relies on the python programming language

Once those are installed you just cd into the root of the source and
run the command

    	>> make html

The output is in the _build/html directory.

Adding Content

Contributions are encouraged. The current source code is always
available for checkout (using mercurial) from our bitbucket: 


The content is marked up using reStructured text. See the following
for a good reference to this markup language: