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Issue #326 resolved
Tanner Wortham
created an issue

In our instance of JIRA, we have components like Artist and Engineer. This helps us differentiate tasks by disciplines. It's possible on our projects to have several artists or engineers. As such, we are often interested in the summation by component instead of by user.

Can the Project Pivot Report be enhanced such that you can choose what value is being summed over a particular time interval? Examples:

  • Sum by component (as described above)
  • Sum by label
  • Sum by some custom value

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  1. Andriy Zhdanov repo owner

    This is possible with Timesheet Report to group by any issue field. Could you please try if it suites your needs, and let me know if you still need the same or similar functionality for Pivot Report?

  2. Tanner Wortham reporter

    I'm playing around with the Timesheet Report, and it's not offering me the info I'm after. (Or at least it's not with my current config and in a way I can digest.)

    I'll attach a few files to demonstrate in just a moment.

  3. Andriy Zhdanov repo owner

    May be I don't get it, but I think problem is that Components is not single value field. So it's not grouped properly and can't be used for Pivot Report in future. In the example you have one issue with three components, so it's impossible to separate worked hours by component.

    Please let me know your thoughts.

  4. Tanner Wortham reporter

    ahh ... yeah. i can see the confusion. for our organization, component is a single value field since our tasks have exactly one component. but i do see your dilemma for generalizing the plugin across all JIRA instances.

  5. Andriy Zhdanov repo owner

    But even in your example it looks like one issue has all three components assigned. If you would have three issues, and each different component you would get what you'd like with timesheet. Then similar would be possible with Pivot in future.

  6. Tanner Wortham reporter

    what you see above includes our two issue types: ticket and task (child of a ticket). a few things to note:

    • tickets are a container of like tasks. no time is logged to the ticket.
    • tasks have exactly one component.
    • components of tickets are the union of its tasks' component.

    speaking outside our situation and when it comes to how core JIRA currently handles summing hours across multi-components issues, it counts the hours against both components. for example:

    • issue have components CompA, CompB.
    • user1 logs 5 hours to issue
    • user2 logs 2 hours to issue

    JIRA then sums it so 7 hours is logged against CompA and also 7 hours is logged against CompB. I'd be satisfied with the plugin behaving in the same manner as the core JIRA product in such circumstances.

  7. Tanner Wortham reporter

    I'll assume you mean for me to uncheck it for Time Sheet Report. I'll attach what I see. The problem here is it's only showing me on the report instead of the entire team. I see I can also configure it to select a user (but only one), a group (but only one), a role (but only one).

    It's that "but only one" that keeps getting in the way of giving me what I want in one single view. :)

  8. Andriy Zhdanov repo owner

    No problem, glad it suites your needs now, and I'll keep this request open for Pivot enhancement as you described. I think of it for long time already, to make it more flexible, your example is great!

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