Timesheet report not showing results per user

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Michal Stefanski
created an issue

I have a saved a report that shows timesheet date for user in a group. I used the "Show details.." option so that data per user is shown. It was working perfectly until today when I discovered to my great surprise that data for user is not shown. I recreated the report few times with the same result. Could you please help me with this one?

Regards, Michael

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  1. Andriy Zhdanov repo owner

    Hi Michal,

    It's necessary to select Group by: Worked User now to achieve similar view.

    This is intended change of behavior, not to disclouse users unless it is necessary.

    Thank you.

  2. Fabio Ferrante

    If we select Group by: Worked User, it will group the details rows properly. It still remain one problem for me, before I had this behavior by default, and I was able to group by Issue type on the header. So I could see the hours spent for each Issue type.

  3. Mattias Olofsson

    This "work around" is not "good enough" for our use cases. We have to group by epic-link and group by user (Worked User), i.e 2 group by. How can we support that now? Is is possible to group by two different fields?

  4. Robert Vining

    I have this same issue, and Group by: Worked User does not separate the time in the header for a single user. In the past, we could go to JIRA dashboard and click the User's name to get a report of the weekly hours spent by that user. Even selecting the user manually in the Timesheet Report does not produce the proper result. It shows hours for all users for the week.

    If you select to disallow a specific Group, that groups hours are removed from the total at the top of the report. But it still does not show hours for a specific users. We need this functionality returned.

  5. Andriy Zhdanov repo owner

    Hi Fabio, Mattias,

    It appears a problem - it's not possible to group by two fields, I will try to fix it during next few weeks.

    Hi Robert,

    Your problem is not clear, could you please provide when it's not working as expected usong Group by Worked user and Groups options.

  6. Robert Vining

    I have tested again just now, and I see the problem. I believe its the same issue of not possible to filter by two fields.

    How to Test:

    Go to JIRA Dashboard Time Sheet Widgit.


    • Number of Weeks: 1
    • Reporting Day: Monday
    • Show Summary for users in groups: developers
    • Exclude users in groups: None
    • Show summary for project or filter: (Current filter used for agile board)
    • Show Weekends: Yes
    • Show Details: Yes

    The rest of the settings are None, No or Blank.

    When you click a Users name and you are taken to a Timesheet Report for this User, the hours shown are a total of all Developers Hours, even when you click Configure on the Timesheet Report and select a specific Username again.

    Then I figured it out. When you have a Group selected, it overrides the setting for the specific User. In our case, 'Developers' were selected. This caused the time to be shown in the report for all Developers that week. Not just the User I selected.

    Once I went back to the widget, and set:

    • Show summary for users in groups: Any Group

    It works now properly and shows only the User I have clicked on in the widget, or configured in the report.

    I have not adjusted these settings in over a year, so this error was not present last week when I did my weekly timesheet reports.

    I can work around this for now. But it seems the issue is the same as you suggest above... we cannot select a specific User and Set the Group to 'Developers' or the report will show all Developer time for the week and not a specific User's time.

    Hope that is helpful for your testing.


  7. Mattias Olofsson

    Since we run a Jira Cloud instance we have no chance to rollback this changes or? This is a very important and mission critical feature for our part and we really want to rollback to the old version of the timesheet plugin, is that possible?

    By the way Andriy Zhdanov, thanks for keeping this issue "hot"/alive and set to high priority since it is very important

  8. Andriy Zhdanov repo owner

    Hi Robert,

    Thank you for providing details. It seems different problem, but I will try to take of it too.

    Hi Mattias,

    Right, it's not possible to rollback, or quickly fix it. Sorry for troubles.

  9. Andriy Zhdanov repo owner

    Looking for your input. I'm going to use Show Details option to break down report by users. But it is used also to show worklogs. Does anyone has any objections of reusing existing Show Details option to hide/show users?

  10. Bill Street

    Would ideally like to see this changed back to the way it previously worked. We use group by for epic-link and want the report to be sorted by user as it was before.

  11. Andriy Zhdanov repo owner


    The point is not to disclose users, unless it is requested in Time Sheet Report (Issue#597). I'd like to minimize configuration options. Apparently using Group By: Worked User for this feature was a mistake. Hopefully using Show Details option (which is ON by default) will be fine.

    I'm curious if anyone would need these two options separately: Show Users and Show Worklogs instead of single Show Details which will show worklogs and break report down by users.

    Thank you.

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