Common sum of times is wrong

Issue #937 resolved
Vasily Smeltsov
created an issue

Common sum of times is wrong. See screenshot.

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  1. Andriy Zhdanov repo owner

    So I believe it explains it, half-hour rounding is very rough, and there are just two ways:

    a) sum rounded values to make total match, but it will be very inaccurate

    b) and round displayed value, so summing exact values, and rounding in the end only, thus row total and overall total may differ.

  2. Andriy Zhdanov repo owner

    What you describe is somewhat different than a), and does not clearly match all cases, sometimes there is no day, or even issue, so it's vague.

    Option a) should be done when recording time spent, i.e. if you use some automatic software to track time, it should round values to minutes or 5 minutes, etc.

    If Timesheet would do this, total would be much higher than actual total and that could lead to more troubles.

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