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Issue #101 wontfix
Greg Kochanski created an issue

Name: NSF Arctic Data Center Organization: NSF Description URL: https://arcticdata.io/ Download URL: https://arcticdata.io/catalog/ File Types: NetCDF, CSV, shp, TIFF, JPEG, wav, Excel, and many others Size: 5TB, soon to be 10TB Status: The service is operated at UC Santa Barbara and data are all stored on non-governmental servers there, so at this point should be secure from federal policy changes. Replication of data to NCEI is in the plans. A copy of all data are also on Amazon's S3 service in a private bucket for the time being.

This is a nontrivial engineering task. The data is only available through a complex HTTP REST API, documented here: https://ppbiodata.inpa.gov.br/metacat/docs/api/index.html?edu/ucsb/nceas/metacat/client/rest/MetacatRest.html

I grabbed what I could via wget, but it's just puffery, graphics, and javascript.

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