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Jan Galkowski
created an issue


wget --dns-timeout=10 --connect-timeout=20 --read-timeout=120 --wait=12 --random-wait --prefer-family=IPv4  --tries=40 --timestamping=on --recursive --level=8 --no-remove-listing  --follow-ftp -nv --output-file=ndbc-noaa-gov-web.log --no-check-certificate

to be stored in

on Sakari's Datarefuge FTP server

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  1. Jan Galkowski reporter

    azi02 is pretty unbusy, so I am suspending this copy temporarily on my home workstation, and moving to azi02, hoping to take advantage of the fatter pipes. Using:

    wget -N -c --dns-timeout=10 --connect-timeout=60 --read-timeout=120 --wait=3 --random-wait --prefer-family=IPv4  \
         --tries=40 --timestamping=on --recursive --level=8 --no-remove-listing  --follow-ftp -nv \
         --append-output=ndbc-noaa-gov-web.log  \
  2. Jan Galkowski reporter

    Failed to set read only:

    [3:22 PM] Jan Galkowski: Found that it did not have o+x. But when running, reported: [3:22 PM] Jan Galkowski: [jan@pub05 pub]$ ../jan/scripts/ OK to use sudo for this (y/n)? y Starting on /var/local/pub/ ...We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local System Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things:    #1) Respect the privacy of others.     #2) Think before you type.     #3) With great power comes great responsibility.[sudo] password for jan: [3:22 PM] Jan Galkowski: I can't set read only because I do not have sudo. [3:24 PM] Jan Galkowski: And the failure to have it means I cannot read the contains of the directories apparently. NML.

  3. Jan Galkowski reporter

    Tried to move this into the new format:

    Cannot write to ‘’ (No such file or directory).
    FINISHED --2017-02-05 07:37:44--
    Total wall clock time: 1m 20s
    Downloaded: 4 files, 26K in 0.3s (78.3 KB/s)
    [jan@pub05]$ mkdir 2017-02-05T0737
    mkdir: cannot create directory ‘2017-02-05T0737’: Permission denied
    [jan@pub05]$ sudo mkdir 2017-02-05T0737
    [sudo] password for jan:

    Can't do it because no sudo.

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