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Jan Galkowski
created an issue

Easy pickings for at high risk program: DSCOVR:

NASA even gives a wget command to download the data with:


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  1. Jan Galkowski reporter


    FINISHED --2017-03-17 20:08:46--
    Total wall clock time: 14h 2m 13s
    Downloaded: 1593 files, 23G in 13h 21m 2s (497 KB/s)
    [jan@pub01 DSCOVR]$

    I will get to doing checksums and closing this out over the next couple of days.

    There has been discussion of getting a daily update, because an additional set of files are produced each day. I don't know how that fits into our capture model, not yet.

  2. Jan Galkowski reporter

    Checksums completed. moved to /var/local/pub. 23 Gb total.

    No attempt to write script to pick up successive days. That should be another ticket, if we attempt it.

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