Issue #22 resolved
Jan Galkowski
created an issue


to Sakari's FTP server, at

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  1. Jan Galkowski reporter


    wget --dns-timeout=10 --connect-timeout=20 --read-timeout=120 --wait=12 --random-wait --prefer-family=IPv4 --tries=40 --timestamping=on --recursive --level=8 --no-remove-listing --follow-ftp -nv --output-file=ftp-oar-noaa-gov-ftp.log --no-check-certificate

  2. Jan Galkowski reporter

    The log shows a couple of instances of:

    2016-12-23 11:19:14 URL: [233] -> "" [1]
    Error in server response, closing control connection.
    2016-12-23 11:21:45 URL: [143] -> "" 

    SHA256 signatures recorded in:

    in the directory

  3. John Baez

    What's ""? I can't find this online, nor can I find We need to have working URLs for all the databases we've backed up, and they need to be very easy to find. Otherwise we'll get confused about what we've backed up.

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