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Jan Galkowski
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transfer to Sakari's FTP server in

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  1. Sakari Maaranen

    Please move these from datarefuge to ~jan/local_data/.

    0 Dec 18 02:12
    0 Dec 20 22:18
    0 Dec 20 22:19

    Delete from datarefuge after move.

  2. Jan Galkowski reporter

    This has been completed and is being moved to /var/local/pub on pub04. SHA sums are being attached.

    Two points, because this unit of the DOE and NASA is directly under threat of abolishment by both administration and the Republican controlled Congress in their draft proposal for DOE funding, this was started early in our process. Because of that it was buffeted by all the growing pains and reorganization of files and disks and servers.

    Originally there are two tickets, this one to preserve the Web site, and Issue #27 which was intended to preserve the data. As experience grew with this dataset and government data sites in general, keeping these apart seemed silly, so they are included all together in one directory in /var/local/pub.

    The SHA sums show files for both tickets.

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