EPA SEMS (Superfund Enterprise Management System)

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Borislav Iordanov
created an issue

Small set of files, not sure if they contain actual climate data but it's from the spreadsheet https://www.epa.gov/superfund/superfund-data-and-reports.


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  1. Sakari Maaranen

    Why set read only? It's not published yet. See our process. We first move them to /var/local/pub/Data_Set_Name/TIMESTAMP/. and only set read only after that.

    I am moving it to pub04:/var/local/pub/EPA/ now.

  2. Sakari Maaranen


    [sam@pub05 borislav]$ pwd
    [sam@pub05 borislav]$ du -sbc i41_www.epa.gov_superfund
    11641416        i41_www.epa.gov_superfund
    11641416        total
    [sam@pub05 borislav]$ rsync -az i41_www.epa.gov_superfund pub04.rz21.azimuthproject-kickstarter.org:/var/local/pub/EPA/.

    Now the data set is here:

    [root@pub04 EPA]# du -sbc i41_www.epa.gov_superfund/
    11641416    i41_www.epa.gov_superfund/
    11641416    total
    [root@pub04 EPA]# pwd

    Deleting the redundant copy from pub05.

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