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This is importance for both governance, whether at federal or state level, and as a mark of progress. Because the Clean Power Plan demands states reduce their carbon emissions, EIA also took on a complementary task of tracking greenhouse gas emissions, principally CO2, from generation and use sectors.

These data might be at risk. They are important. (I use them all the time.) I do not know the size of the dataset. If we run into space issues on the server, I'll copy down sections of interest to me, and keep them locally.

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  1. Jan Galkowski reporter

    So, I think we got our first ``block'': is issuing a "503" when I try to wget from the server, but if I do it from home, it proceeds fine. It is possible that the wait=0 value in Scott's wg script is causing attention to the process. Dunno. Restarting from home. This is the fourth restart, because of the problems with server #1 and /media/jan-one and /home/jan/local_data yesterday.

  2. Sakari Maaranen

    I hope it goes well this time. If you get HTTP 503 errors, you should inspect possible Retry-After header in the response. Both servers are now running without issues. We should prefer local storage. The issue on azi01 was caused by a CIFS mount of Hetzner Storage Box. Local storage is independent of network mounts.

  3. Jan Galkowski reporter

    FTP portion of this site is uploaded to


    on server #1.

    Checksums are uploaded here, as are tar packing and unpacking listings.

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