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Borislav Iordanov
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From the spreadsheet:

Mirroring on azi01.

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  1. Borislav Iordanov reporter

    I did, I always do. Not always easy to find. I've been working on setting up an indexing server for all the files (Elastic Search) so that it is easy to not only find whether some site was downloaded, but also where it is, what the hashes are for each file, and to also "spot check" that files were indeed downloaded successfully. Not sure how that might work with the current infrastructure or even whether ElasticSearch is the best, it's just one tool that I know.

  2. Sakari Maaranen

    This should probably be deleted. It looks very incomplete:

    [sam@pub05 borislav]$ du -sh /var/local/borislav/
    7.1M    /var/local/borislav/
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