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This is a top-level index and introduction to all government climate data. A scraper might wander off and duplicate a bunch we've done, e.g., via or So I think the wget options would need to be tailored with care.

I welcome comments!

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  1. Greg Kochanski

    This download got terminated when the disk on my home machine crashed. Inspection shows 13232 files; it looks reasonably complete.

    However, I've restarted it from the Finnish machines to see if we can get more.

  2. Greg Kochanski

    Just terminated on pub04.finland... I didn't get much useful info from a lot of extra downloads. Just more of an apparently infinite set of access for the same files.

    It all looked like this for the last day or two:[0]=field_climate_stressor%3A18&f[1]=field_parent_topic%3A665&f[2]=field_parent_topic%3A116&f[3]=field_workflow_step%3A60

    294654 files, and there sure as heck aren't nearly 300,000 distinct hand-written case-studies! 16 Gigabytes.

    Beginning to hash.

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