Issue #71 resolved
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  1. John Baez

    This is listed as "New", but I will take the liberty of changing its status to "Resolved".

    (I'm assuming that 3-Complete means we have the data in one of our our storage boxes, with checksums calculated, etc. - truly complete! If this is wrong, an issue should not count as "Resolved", and someone can and should reopen it.)

  2. Sakari Maaranen
    [root@pub01 pub]# du -sbc LPDAAC/2017-01-09_71/*
    27425400        LPDAAC/2017-01-09_71/lpdaac.log
    4826259167      LPDAAC/2017-01-09_71/
    14887028        LPDAAC/2017-01-09_71/
    4868571595      total
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