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Issue #74 wontfix
Borislav Iordanov created an issue


a lot of data. Not being a domain expert, I can't judge its value or importance.

Logging as potentially a TODO.

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  1. Greg Kochanski

    I've started a wget run here. ASAP, I'll try to estimate how large it is, in case it's so big as to cause problems.

  2. Greg Kochanski

    The current run will be massively incomplete; one needs to log in. I might try to do that tomorrow.

  3. Greg Kochanski

    The help page didn't seem to quite do the job. I was collecting all but the data sets. So, I've dropped back to a manual option: 1) I log in and shop for data, 2) I request it. 3) They prepare the data in a tar file on a ftp site; it'll be there for 5 days 4) they send me an email pointing to the data (and related stuff, too, which is nice). 5) I take the email and copy/paste it into a file 6) I run a script on it which sucks down the data and the related stuff. 7) done, and repeat until complete.

    currently, I have early versions of the scripts working. Work is in pub04:/var/local/gpk/tmp and /var/local/gpk/ .

  4. Greg Kochanski

    It seemed to work once, the be rejected. Weird. The manual method also seems stymied, at least for the weekend. Downloads of a few gigabytes are "unually large" and the email indicates that they may need manual approval, which didn't happen between last night (Friday) and this morning (Saturday).

  5. Greg Kochanski

    They did not supply the data, so far as I can tell, for whatever reason.

    I don't think this is working.

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