Please record the size of completed data sets on our Progress page

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Issue #81 resolved
Sakari Albert Maaranen created an issue

My original intention was to use the issue tracker for reporting status, not maintaining a separate progress report page. Issue tracker is easy to maintain. Separate report is extra work.

Now that the page has already been created, let's at least use it sensibly. The best use for it, is to report the size of each data set. That information is very useful for planning etc.

Please use the du command to get the size of completed work. You can best do this at the level of the topmost directories produced by your work.

nice ionice du --apparent-size --block-size=G --total -s *

You can list the target directories (or file names) explicitly instead of the asterisk above.

Please do this for all your completed work, including the ones already in the progress report.

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