U.S. DOE Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis

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Jan Galkowski
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These are the people who produce the quadrennial energy review.


I think someone should get a copy of the Web site. Their existence is likely to be short-lived:

``The Director of the Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis is the primary energy policy advisor to the Secretary and Deputy Secretary on domestic energy policy development and implementation as well as DOE policy analysis and activities.

The role of the Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis is to deliver unbiased energy analysis to the Department of Energy's leadership on existing and prospective energy-related policies, focusing in part on integrative analysis of energy systems.

The Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis includes the Secretariat of the Quadrennial Energy Review with primary responsibility for supporting the White House interagency process and providing to it data collection, analysis, stakeholder engagement, and data synthesis.''

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  1. Jan Galkowski reporter

    Underway using:

    httrack "https://energy.gov/epsa/office-energy-policy-and-systems-analysis" -O . --mirror --depth=8 --ext-depth=3 --max-rate=100000000 %c500 --sockets=30 \
            --retries=30 --host-control=0 TN 60 --near --robots=0 %s

    going to pub05:

  2. Jan Galkowski reporter

    httrack completed, but it completed with an error message:

     (4465PANIC! : Too many URLs : >99999 [3031]0 bytes) - 301
    Thanks for using HTTrack!

    Ended with 26,527,191,496 bytes.

  3. Sakari Maaranen

    Attached is a list of the two thousand directories that are included in this download, with disk usage in bytes. As you can see, many of the directories appear empty. It would make sense to make some effort to purge unnecessary directories and files, such as JavaScript files from other sites etc. From the disk usage numbers you can see where the data is.

    This was done by command:

    du -bcs *
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