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Recommend on Facebook Tweet Share Widespread scientific consensus exists that the world’s climate is changing. Some of these changes will likely include more variable weather, heat waves, heavy precipitation events, flooding, droughts, more intense storms, sea level rise, and air pollution. Each of these impacts could negatively affect public health. While climate change is a global issue, the effects of climate change will vary across geographic regions and populations. CDC’s Climate and Health Program is helping state and city health departments prepare for the specific health impacts of climate change that their communities will face.

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  1. Greg Kochanski reporter

    No obvious data. 90G, 80788 files, lots of videos. I'd call this fairly low priority. If we run out of space, we could strip out the videos.

    hashed. pub04:i94_www.cdc.gov_climateandhealth

  2. Greg Kochanski reporter

    I terminated the download when the filenames got too long to store. Hashing now. 306 GB 381872 files. Currently stored in pub04:/var/local/gpk/i94_www.cdc.gov_climatechange . Collection timestamp (90%) 2017-02-05T2202Z .

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