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 Built for HexChat (http://www.hexchat.org/)
 Probably will work for XChat (http://xchat.org/)
-+ requires python
-- Ben 
 __module_name__ = "@wallops" 
-__module_version__ = "1.0.1"
-__module_description__ = "Collects WallOps and Other Server Messages into 1 Window"
-__module_author__ = "Ben W. <ben@rizon.net>"
+__module_version__ = "1.0.2"
+__module_description__ = "Collects WallOps and other server messages into organized windows."
+__module_author__ = "Ben <ben@rizon.net>"
 import xchat
 def on_wallop(word, word_eol, userdata):
+	#if we don't have an @wallops, create one
 	if xchat.find_context(channel='@wallops') is None:
 		xchat.command('QUERY @wallops')
 	wallops = xchat.find_context(channel='@wallops')
 	nick = word[0].split("!")
-	#print in @wallops
 	wallops.prnt("\00313-%s-\017 %s" % (nick[0].strip(":"), word_eol[4]))
 	return xchat.EAT_ALL
 def on_notice(word, word_eol, userdata):
+	#if we don't have an @notices, create one
 	if xchat.find_context(channel='@notices') is None:	
 		xchat.command('QUERY @notices')
 	notice = xchat.find_context(channel='@notices')
 	return xchat.EAT_ALL
 def on_snotice(word, word_eol, userdata):
+	#if we don't have an @snotice, create one
         if xchat.find_context(channel='@snotices') is None:
                 xchat.command('QUERY @snotices')
         notice = xchat.find_context(channel='@snotices')
         nick = word[0].strip(":").split("!")
-        #print in both the active window and the @notice window unless its a server notice...
-        if(nick[0] != xchat.get_info("server")):
-                xchat.prnt("\00313-%s-\017 %s" % (nick[0], word_eol[3].strip(":")))
         notice.prnt("\00313-%s-\017 %s" % (nick[0], word_eol[3].strip(":")))
         return xchat.EAT_ALL
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