S3Trust BackUp tool

Python script to backup files to Amazon S3, where lifecycle can put it to cheep glacier. Originally developed to backup photo archive.


S3Trust is a one file python script. All settings stored on config file, that also written in python. Why one more backup tool? I have special data - images. There are a lot of images. I do not want one very big archive, that re upload each time one image changed. And I do not want to specify each folder how to split and archive.

There are available two simple algorithms. First - Archive. If only folders inside - go deeper. If size of folder bigger than settings value - go deeper. Else archive. It is good for photo archives structure. Second - Folder. If depth number from root equal some value - archive folders.

Archiving provide 7zip. I choose it because cross platform, no encoding problems and encryption. Archives create with unique name. It build from file names and last file change times.

S3Trust BackUp is open source project, released by MIT license.

How To

Download. install dependencies.

sudo apt-get install p7zip
sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

Copy and edit config file and run.

python s3trust.py backup path/conf.py
python s3trust.py info path/conf.py
python s3trust.py clear path/conf.py --max_count=8

All messages are printing to stdout, handle it yourself.

Look, feel, be happy :-)