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Update and labelfile example

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 include ChangeLog
 include dispass.1
 include LICENSE
+include Makefile
 include README.rst
-recursive-include emacs dispass.el
-recursive-include emacs README.rst
 recursive-include scripts dispass
+recursive-include scripts dispass-label
+recursive-include scripts gdispass
 recursive-include skel dot.dispass
 # DisPass labels file Example
-# Copy this file to ~/.dispass and edit it to your own labels
-google                      length=50
-google-2                    length=18           algo=dispass1
-jabber                      algo=dispass1
-#irc-account-1               length=12
+google              length=50
+google-2            length=18       algo=dispass1
+#irc-account-1       length=12 algo=dispass2
-ssh-server-1                length=15
+ssh-server-1        algo=dispass2 seqno=4
+ssh-server-2        algo=dispass2 seqno=2 length=42