ryuslash  committed 6be502d

Minor adjustments

* dispass/ (Filehandler.getDefaultFileLocation): Because
`expanduser' is also called in the constructor this call is
superfluous. When importing `exists' into the namespace there is no
need to use its fully-qualified name.

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File dispass/

         label_env = os.getenv('DISPASS_LABELFILE')
         std_env = os.getenv('XDG_DATA_HOME') or os.getenv('APPDATA')
-        home_file = expanduser('~/.dispass/labels')
+        home_file = '~/.dispass/labels'
         if label_env:
             return label_env
-        if not os.path.exists(home_file) and std_env:
+        if not exists(home_file) and std_env:
             return std_env + '/dispass/labels'
             return home_file