Benjamin Althues  committed 71bee64

Fix #17 - Dispass ignores the '-n' switch

The tuple that is created in dispass.dispass.cli.CLI.interactive when
passing labels as a simple list (when using labels as arguments of the
dispass script) is formed incorrectly.

Reported by Tom Willemsen (@ryuslash)

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File dispass/

         if isinstance(labels, list):
             labelmap = []
             for i in labels:
-                labelmap.append((i, (self.passphraseLength, self.algorithm)))
+                labelmap.append((i, (self.passphraseLength, self.seqno)))
                 if (self.createLabel and
                     fh.add(labelname=i, length=self.passphraseLength,
                            algo=self.algorithm, seqno=self.seqno)):