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Remove unneeded setter methods

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 import algos
 from dispass import versionStr
-from filehandler import Filehandler
     import curses
     createLabel = False
     '''Boolean. Prompt for password twice and save label to labelfile'''
-    scriptableIO = None
+    scriptableIO = False
     '''Boolean. Optimize input/output for wrapping dispass'''
     passphrases = []
         self.settings = settings
         self.useCurses = hasCurses
-    def setAlgo(self, algo):
-        '''Optionally override the algorithm to use for generating passphrases
-        :Parameters:
-            - `algo`: String. Name of the algorithm
-        '''
-        self.algorithm = algo
-    def setSeqNo(self, seqno):
-        '''Optionally override the sequence number to use
-        :Parameters:
-            - `algo`: String. Name of the algorithm
-        '''
-        self.seqno = seqno
     def setCurses(self, useCurses):
         '''Optionally override `self.useCurses`
             self.useCurses = useCurses
-    def setScriptableIO(self, scriptableIO=True):
-        '''Optimize input/output for wrapping dispass in a script or program
-        :Parameters:
-            - `sriptableIO`: Boolean
-        '''
-        self.scriptableIO = scriptableIO
-    def setLength(self, length):
-        '''Optionally override length of output passphrase
-        :Parameters:
-            - `length`: Integer. Length of output passphrase
-        '''
-        self.passphraseLength = length
     def passwordPrompt(self):
         '''Prompt for password.


             elif o in ("-a", "--algo"):
                 algoname = a.lower()
                 if algoname in algos.algorithms:
-                    console.setAlgo(algoname)
+                    console.algorithm = algoname
                     print 'error: algo "{algo}" does not exist'.format(algo=a)
                     return 1
                     print 'error: sequence number must be a number\n'
                     return 1
-                console.setSeqNo(seqno)
+                console.seqno = seqno
             elif o in ("-c", "--create"):
                 console.createLabel = True
             elif o in ("-l", "--length"):
                     print 'error: length must be a number\n'
                     return 1
-                console.setLength(length)
+                console.passphraseLength = length
             elif o in ("-f", "--file"):
                 f_flag = a
             elif o in ("-s", "--search"):
                 print versionStr, '-', __version_info__, 'running on',
             elif o in "--script":
-                console.setScriptableIO()
+                console.scriptableIO = True
                 assert False, "unhandled option"
-# GUI # Setters and getters
-    def setFont(self):
-        '''Set font and fontsize; not used at this moment'''
-        pass
     def getFont(self, sizediff=0):
         '''Get `font` and `fontsize`, optionally differ from default `fontsize`
         return (self.font, self.fontsize + sizediff)
-# GUI # Prototypes
     def warn(self, message, warning_type='soft', box_title=''):
         '''Prototype for warning user
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