bakotaco avatar bakotaco committed 97d5cd7

when there are no environments virtualenvwrapper_show_workon_options should still return a successful exit code

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     (\cd "$WORKON_HOME"; for f in */$VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_ENV_BIN_DIR/activate; do echo $f; done) 2>/dev/null | \sed 's|^\./||' | \sed "s|/$VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_ENV_BIN_DIR/activate||" | \sort | (unset GREP_OPTIONS; \egrep -v '^\*$')
 #    (\cd "$WORKON_HOME"; find -L . -depth 3 -path '*/bin/activate') | sed 's|^\./||' | sed 's|/bin/activate||' | sort
+    return 0
 function _lsvirtualenv_usage {
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