We should add support for playing in teams.

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Giacomo Alzetta
repo owner created an issue

At the moment the implementation of Briscola doesn't allow to play with teams, while this is an important feature in the game.

In fact I think that we don't need to change too much code, since teams matters only at the end of the game(when the points are accounted) and sometimes in the last hand(in briscola usually teammates can see each other cards during the last hand...).

Therefore I think we could simply separate the last hand from the other hands. Also we could reimplement //game_winner// to check whether it should return a team or a player.

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  1. Giacomo Alzetta reporter

    I added some support for team-playing. Right now if the number of players is less than 4 it doesnt use teams, otherwise it creates two teams. The creation of the teams is responsability of Briscola.make_teams, therefore it should be easy to subclass to have a custom way of creating teams(for example in briscola chiamata).

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