Log output and 3D LUTs should be supported

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Issue #18 resolved
Andrew Baldwin repo owner created an issue

It should be possible to produce Log-scale output.

It should be possible to process the pixels with a chain of 3D LUTs for different styles.

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  1. Andrew Baldwin reporter

    Should consider supporting Adobe DCP files (see http://dcptool.sourceforge.net/Introduction.html) in addition to LUTs.

    There seem to be a few different DCPs available for correctly converting raw data into different log colour spaces ready for a particular LUT family.

    Not sure at this point how challenging this would be to do.

  2. Andrew Baldwin reporter

    1D LUTs have also been introduced as of 86ea7d730a46137b1a09c9757aad24896e5d38c0.

    The new pipeline will support 1D LUT -> 3D LUT -> 1D LUT, any of which are optional.

    Later, the old hard-coded tone mapping functions will be replaced by equivalent 1D LUTs, or user supplied/defined LUTs or curves.

  3. Andrew Baldwin reporter

    Full 1D1->3D->1D2 LUT stack is now working as of 867005f4ed5d12325e7b4afa4da3b8798773842e

    LUTs can be chosen in UI (from 1D and 3D .cube files in .mlrawviewer/lut/)

    Shift LEFT/RIGHT chooses 1D LUT1

    Shift UP/DOWN chooses 3D LUT

    Shift Z/X chooses 1D LUT2

    LUT stack is used for MOV export

    Generator for 1D LUTs has been made with replacements for all old tone mapping curves.

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