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Issue #21 resolved
Andrew Baldwin repo owner created an issue

It should be possible to batch encode a set of files.

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  1. Andrew Baldwin reporter

    Partially supported in 1.1.2

    There is now an export queue which processes jobs in sequence. However, the old MOV encoding doesn't use the queue yet, only new DNG exporting.

  2. Tiago Costa

    Yes. Im using dng in after effects and some times with dynamic link to premiere but for creative edition is not good workflow and my I5 is not so fast... so, im looking for the jump and start to use ProRes from the MOV files. My computer will handle good the files in Premiere and more disk space and i think the quality will not be so significant change.

    ...or, waiting for the MlRawViewer make dng's that can open in Premiere =))

    Good work! Looking forward to see more news from this app.

  3. Andrew Baldwin reporter

    The batch list is in place and supports both current kinds of exports.

    I will mark this task done once there is also a UI which lets you see the current items on the batch list and manage the list contents and execution state of the batch.

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