Issue #47 resolved
Dreamerr created an issue

Multiple buttons' functionality in the GUI is unclear without blindly clicking / reading the ML forum posts. Tool-tips are humbly suggested for new users.

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  1. danne

    Hi! Would love to be able to convert dual iso movie files straight to ready to use DNG:s and/or mov files. Right now there is no smoth way for this. Thanks //Daniel

  2. Andrew Baldwin repo owner

    @Dannephoto I made an enhancement item for Dual-ISO now (also requested by swinxx)

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    tool tips would be indeed important, also a small legend where all the shortcuts are explained. could be below the main window. thx

  4. Joakim Poromaa

    The tool-tip could for example be placed in the bottom left corner (to not clutte the icons) as where export text is visible.

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