Write correct camera model Metadata - it is important for ACR Canon profiles support

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Issue #48 resolved
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Hi! Very useful tool, thanks!

Suggestion: write correct camera model Metadata in DNG files. Current version 1.1.3 write Model="EOS" and UniqueCameraModel="Canon EOS". In this case Adobe Camera Raw does not show correct colors for DNG! When you open DNG in ACR the "Camera Calibration" tab contains "Embedded" profile only.

To fix it I should change Model and UniqueCameraModel by exiftool:

exiftool -progress -overwrite_original -r -Model="Canon EOS 5D Mark III" -UniqueCameraModel="Canon EOS 5D Mark III" (foldername or filename to process)

After changing ACR works fine and show Canon profiles: Camera Standard, Camera Faithful, etc. This canon profiles have more correct colors. See also: http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=11100.0

Please, fix this issue - add the camera metadata for DNG files export. Sorry for my bad English :)

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  1. Andrew Baldwin repo owner

    It should only write "EOS" and "Canon EOS" if you are converting from .RAW (which contains no meta data about the actual Camera model).

    If you are using MLV, the actual make and model are extracted from the MLV file and set to the DNG Make and Model tags. However, the "Model" tag contains just, for example "EOS 5D Mark III" and not "Canon EOS 5D Mark III"

    I can try changing it to include also the make in front of the model name.

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