Premiere renders DNG highlights pink

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Issue #55 new
Andrew Baldwin repo owner created an issue

This is hard to fix because it's actually a workaround for a bug in another tool.

Premiere doesn't seem to do correct highlight recovery, and instead just makes things pink.

Options are: - Clip the highlights according to the white balance so they don't come out pink - Do highlight recovery into the 16bit range so Premiere doesn't have to... - Do nothing and wait for Adobe to fix it their end

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  1. Tiago Costa

    The first and the second is the best option maybe having the two possibilities better... At least until Adobe correct that bug...if they will ever.

  2. Andrew Baldwin reporter

    As I understand, the latest version of raw2cndg is doing something like option 1, though for me it has a noticeable impact on the detail in the highlight regions.

  3. Tiago Costa

    Didn't yet try but if have a big impact in the highlight maybe is not so good option but is better then nothing =))

    I'm trying to go for one app and do there everything, your app is just awesome, browser, batch is a must, in time for sure.

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