Coloured spots in MOV exports with 1.1.4, 1.1.5, 1.1.6 on Windows

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Issue #72 resolved
Andrew Baldwin repo owner created an issue

Reported twice:



Common factors: - Windows? - Multiple GPU types? - Introduced in 1.1.4 (before new multithreaded demosaicing) - Only seen with sRGB and Rec709, NOT LOG or HDR - Looks like when some channels are dark, wrap around problem?

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  1. juanjo agirreolea

    Hi Baldand!!!! I´m Hdclip, (first sorry for my english) so, If I export CDNG files with sRGB curve and i put the footage in Davinci Resolve like CDNG, no problems, no issues....

  2. Andrew Baldwin reporter

    Ok, the sRGB curve is not used when making CDNG files, only when viewing, or rendering MOV files, so this makes sense.

    Do you think the wrong colours are only in pixels that should be very dark? Or are they in highlights also?

  3. juanjo agirreolea

    if you want, I can send you the prores conversion...Give me a mail and I make a wetransfer...

  4. Michael Anthony

    I just tried filming/exporting .raw files and it happens with these as well. So the problem is not limited to .mlv

  5. Andrew Baldwin reporter

    Good news. I finally managed to reproduce the coloured spots in MOV files bug (on a Windows 8.1 laptop with Nvidia GPU).

    Hopefully I am now able to find and fix the cause of the problem.

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