Manual framerate support

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Issue #82 resolved
danne created an issue

Manually being able setting fps when needed (Lack of exif data etc in certain dng sequences for instance). This occured when trying to batch encode dual iso files created with MLVmystic encoder. Low priority.

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  1. Andrew Baldwin repo owner

    This is also needed for intervalometer MLVs.

    Proposed behaviour:

    1. There is a new global "frame rate override parameter".

    2. Normally it is off and the source material frame rate is used.

    3. If the source material has no frame rate, or a very low frame rate (e.g. for intervalometer), it is enabled by default, with a standard value like 25 FPS

    4. User can at any time toggle it between off, and a set of standard frame rates (MAVisuals suggested 23.976, 24, 29.970, 30)

    5. When in use, it affects playback speed, DNG frame rate, and MOV frame rate

  2. danne reporter

    Toggle suggestion is a good idea. Should 25, 48, 50, 60 fps be included to MA Visuals suggested frame rates or would that be considered overkill?

  3. Michael Anthony

    One of the additional benefits I see of being able to set the framerate manually is for previewing slow motion from 48-60 fps source files. Setting to playback at 23.976 fps combined with the "A" key to unsqueeze footage is something I would use a lot.

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