DNG export crash (w. stripe/hot-pixel removing ON) using external drive

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Joakim Poromaa created an issue

If exporting DNG with stripe/hot-pixel removing ON the render crash. The file is located on a separate drive, and so is the output.

If I copy the file to the computer SSD it renders OK (no crash), even if output is set to external drive.

Rendering from the external drive: It usually crash within a couple of seconds (say 3%), but if I play the clip through before rendering it goes further (something to do with the stripe/hot-pixel removing?). Also if I reopen the clip and render again I get even further, and doing so repeatedly I can get the whole thing in DNGs (this might have to do with the disk caching and thus makes the reading/writing faster). I have tested several MLV files with various sizes (1-6GB)

If I turn OFF the stripe/hot-pixel removing the thing renders ok, even from external drive to external.

Other OSx 10.9.4 Macbook air mid 2012

Reason for external drive: Since my project is over 1TB I must have the whole thing at a separate drive (and I prefer to batch render the whole thing into a catalogue structure on the same drive).

Update I was apparently not running 1.2.2 before, but have retested in 1.2.2 and problem persist.

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  1. Joakim Poromaa reporter

    Is there any other way to render with the hot-pixel removing on? I love that feature (especially when my 5D2 has quite many dead pixels)

  2. Andrew Baldwin repo owner

    Grrr.. OS X OpenGL calls are so flaky - always crashing instead of returning errors.

    I have found one bug with the texture handling during export that was probably introduced in 1.2.1. On Linux that generates an error code, but it's conceivable that OS X's broken OpenGL drivers just crash in the same circumstances.

  3. Andrew Baldwin repo owner

    Please retest with 1.2.3. There have been some fixes there that may help (or may not...)

  4. Joakim Poromaa reporter

    Hi, The highlight recovery thingy is working now, but unfortunately it still crashes if running from->to external disk. My workaround still holds: render DNGs to local drive from external drive (that I later manually have to move)

    Uploaded new log-files as well.

  5. Andrew Baldwin repo owner

    Thanks. They look quite similar to before unfortunately. Not sure how to proceed with this unless I can find a way to reproduce it

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